authorGerry LaRouche, BASc, PEng, grew up in Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec, a mining town that inspired him to study at the University of Montreal Ecole Polytechnique. After graduating from the metallurgical engineering program, he soon moved to Trail, in beautiful British Columbia, for employment with Teck Resources.

He also worked in Kimberley, B.C., and Pine Point, Northwest Territories. Gerry had only planned to stay a few years, but he married and started a family and only returned to Quebec for visits.

Initially, he saved for his retirement like many of us, through his company’s Group RRSP. Gerry knew very little about investments and managed by the seat of his pants. It was when he retired that he started to educate himself by taking courses and reading voraciously about the world of investing.

Today, Gerry lives an active lifestyle in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. During the winter, he skis almost every day, except for the two-week getaway to a sunny climate that his wife insists upon. In the summer he and his wife relax at their cabin by the lake in the Rockies of B.C.  His Do-It-Yourself portfolio provides the retirement lifestyle he had hoped for. And you can too.

Gerry can speak to your group – in both English and French – about the ins and outs of the financial industry or the risks of working with financial advisors. He can also provide workshops on building your own portfolio.

His recently published book – Investing My Way: Become a Do-It-Yourself Investor and Save Thousands of Dollars in Fees – is a must-read for those wanting to take control of their finances and build a retirement portfolio to ensure their financial success.