LaRouche_coverLike many of us, Gerry LaRouche is a DIYer from way back, but when it came to his retirement savings, he thought investing should be left to the pros.

After handing over his hard-earned savings to the professionals, Gerry soon discovered that they were working for themselves and not for him. So he took matters into his own hands.

He educated himself, completed courses and has been studying the world of investing for over 15 years. He built his own savings plan and manages his own investments. Gerry learned the ins and outs of the financial industry and in Investing My Way he shares these learnings with you.

Divided into five easy parts, Gerry walks you through the process and tells you what you need to know about:

  • Yourself and Money,
  • The Financial Industry,
  • Investment Products,
  • Investment Strategies and Selecting Products, and
  • Working with a Financial Advisor.

You can do it too. Make the financial decisions that will give you life-long security, free from want.

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